Hiilipörssi briefly in English

Did you know that restoring peatlands is one of the most cost-effective ways to mitigate climate change?

Hiilipörssi is a turning point, where the human way of thinking changes from natural exploitation to improving nature for all organisms. We have to start thinking in an altogether new way.

Ilkka Kuukka, co-founder of the Carbon Exchange

Hiilipörssi (Carbon Market) is a marketplace for the restoration of ditched peatlands. Through buying shares from Hiilipörssi, you directly invest in the sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into peatlands, Finland’s largest carbon stock. Removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere helps to mitigate climate change efficiently.

By investing in Hiilipörssi, you also assist the restoration and recovery of natural peatlands, as well as protection of clean water systems. Furthermore, your investment helps to preserve Finnish natural heritage and promote sustainable nature tourism.

The minimum investment is 56 € which funds the restoration of 600 m2 of peatland, capturing a minimum 55 kilos of carbon annually. With a 4500 € investment it is possible to restore 5 hectares of ditched peatland and capture 3750 kilos of carbon per year. This equals approximately the amount of carbon emissions of an average Finn per year!

Note! Investing to Hiilipörssi is not a justification for over-consumption or an extravagant lifestyle – the purpose is to compensate for emissions that are difficult or impossible to directly eliminate. Hiilipörssi enables a carbon neutral or even carbon positive lifestyle!

In this stock market, the better your lifestyle is for nature, the bigger yearly profit you will get to your investment. Of course, profit meaning captured carbon.

At the moment, the service runs only in Finnish, but stay tuned for the English version!